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PO Box 1377, Salem, NH 03079

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Our Softball Program

The Northeast Hurricanes Softball Club is committed to improving players' skills and understanding of the game.  Our teams undergo a rigorous year-round training program, with access to speciality training, private lessons, and strength and agility programs. This combination of all-round player and team development generally leads to National Tournament invitations.

We also have Showcase sets of teams, who get marketing materials, recruiting assistance, college contact guidance and help from our college recruiting liaison staff member.

Our teams play a spring-summer tournament schedule that includes 6-8 tournaments, including at least one requiring an overnight stay.

The greatest strength of our softball program is our professional staff. Multiple coaches and instructors have college softball experience; they enjoy sharing their understanding of the game with our young players.

For more information, contact Tabitha at or call Play Ball at 603-898-0332.