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We have teams based out of three different locations with age groups ranging from 10U-18U. 

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Player/Coach Admin

    The Northeast Hurricane softball program is proudly affiliated with USA Softball of New Hampshire. For more information on this, use this link:

    You smell the fresh cut grass, kicked up limestone, and fresh popcorn.  The sound of your cleats on rocks, pavement, dirt.  The sound of softball.  The diamond is smooth, swept in a circle.  The chalk is fresh and nearly perfect.  You step onto the diamond, leaving those first few footprints on the infield, intensifying your anticipation.  You await the first pitch.  Time is no longer measured by clocks but innings.  At some point darkness falls, though you're not aware until later.  You are covered with dirt and sweat but don't notice.  You are focused on the next pitch, the next out, the next hit.  Some nights you are key; some days you are the "dumbhead."  There is no slacking, you give it your all.  Moms and Dads and friends come to watch and share the moment.  Winning is fun but playing is the real joy, being a part of the tradition, playing on the same field as the great players who came before you.  It's all in slow motion but over so quickly.  You win.  You lose.  A hundred different things have happened; you remember each of them and the inning they occurred.  Bugs, dirt, hunger, time - these things reappear as you return to reality.  It was a moment in time, but its impact stays in you forever.  The challenge is finding this much focus and fun during the rest of your life.

    Memories of Bill Hennessy and Roland-Story Softball, Roland, Iowa

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