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2018-2019 Softball Tryouts

Registration Required

Registration must be completed online prior to attending tryouts using the link below.

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General Information

Tryouts for the Northeast Hurricane Club softball program begin soon. The specific dates and times are detailed below.  Here is some general information and this year's tryouts.

LOCATIONS.  We have teams out of Salem, Nashua, and Seacoast facilities. 

AGE GROUPS. Our softball program is registered through ASA, so our cutoff date for age determination is January 1st. For example, a player who turns 12 years old on December 15th, is eligible to play 12U for the upcoming spring/summer season because she will be 12 on January 1st of that year.

REGISTRATION. Please register online for the fall tryouts.

FEE. The tryout cost is $20 and it covers a player to attend all Hurricane tryouts. Players pay the fee AT the tryout when they receive their tryout number. If you attend multiple tryout dates, you only need to pay the first time.

Why charge for tryouts? Two reasons:

1. To ensure we are only looking at players who are serious about becoming Hurricanes. 

2. It takes proper staffing the run the most efficient and organized tryout your player will attend.

MULTIPLE DATES. Each age group and location has multiple tryout dates and times. This helps players who are on vacation for one of the tryouts to attend another. All players are encouraged to attend all tryouts for their age group. It gives the coaches additional opportunities to see your skills in action.

ON VACATION? If you are unable to attend any of the tryout dates listed, please contact to schedule a private tryout with a coach or board member. Private tryouts carry a $25 fee due to their inefficiency and inconvenience.

The Showcase Track

There are a few teams throughout the program dedicated to showcasing players with the goal of playing college softball.   The showcase team packages include more training opportunities, player showcasing events, marketing materials, recruiting assistance, and college outreach guidance.  We anticipate having showcase teams out of each location. Showcase teams include:

GOLD NATIONAL - This team will play a strictly showcase schedule and will travel to the premiere national showcases. There is a fall tournament schedule as well as a summer tournament schedule. It also includes recruiting assistance, a recruiting guide, and a skill video. This team is designed to be populated by rising high school sophomores and juniors. It is out of Seacoast and coached by Dennis Bruce.

GOLD REGIONAL - This team will play a strictly showcase schedule and will travel to likely events in PA, NJ, RI, and CT. It also includes recruiting assistance, a recruiting guide, and a skill video. This team is designed to be populated by rising high school sophomores and juniors. 

18U ELITE Salem - This team will play 3-5 showcase events and will travel more locally. It also includes recruiting assistance and a recruiting guide. This team is designed to be populated by rising high school sophomores and juniors and the occasional undecided senior. We typically support two of these teams. 

16U ELITE - This team will play approximately 2-3 regular 16U tournaments, another 1-2 18U tournaments, and will attend 2-3 showcase events. This team is designed to be populated by rising high school freshmen and possibly sophomores.

While all 10U, 12U, and 14U players are encouraged to compete within their own age groups,  players are free to tryout for whatever older age group they wish.

Player Profiles

All 14U-and-Older teams will receive a Player Profile on the website.  All Showcase/Elite players will receive a skills video to help with college visibility. EVERY PLAYER will be provided this Hurricane-only program-wide recruiting assistance.  You don't need to be on a showcase team to be showcased!

2019 Confirmed Coach List (updated daily)


12U: John Burnham, experienced successful club coach 

14U Blue: Joe Kennard, long time very successful ASA coach

14U Red: Joe Bellino, returning Hurricane coach

16U Elite: Tim Hogan, returning Hurricane coach

16U Red: Meghan Murrell, former D2 catcher, experienced club softball coach

18U: Vanessa Cooper, returning Hurricane coach

*We may add a couple more teams/coaches before next week.


10U: Bill Beeley, returning Hurricane coach

12U Blue: Dave Millette, returning Hurricane coach

12U Red: Nicole McCrady, returning Hurricane coach

12U White: Tabitha Hebert, returning Hurricane coach

TBA: Brian Martin, returning Hurricane coach, founding coach of the Hurricanes

14U Blue: Matt Rapaglia, experienced ASA coach

14U Red: Kelsey Smith, former D2 Bentley U pitcher, experienced ASA coach

14U White: Brian Doyle, experienced ASA coach

16U Elite: Dan Watne, returning Hurricane coach

16U Red: Jackie McDonald, former Rivier U pitcher, experienced coach

18U Elite: Rich Simons, returning Hurricane coach

18U Elite 2k2: Rob Grasso, returning Hurricane coach

18U Non or Elite: Bill MacFadgen, returning Hurricane coach

18U Non-Showcase: Deb Littlefield, returning Hurricane coach

18U Seniors: Jim Wyse & Tony Ayotte, returning Hurricane coaches

*We may add additional teams/coaches before next week.


10U: Madison Greene, current U of Southern Maine pitcher and slapper

12U Blue: Mollie Watson, returning Hurricane coach

12U Red: Chris Snow,  returning Hurricane coach assisted by Katie Favalora, U of Southern Maine player, former Hurricane

14U Blue: Jason McLaren, returning Hurricane coach

14U Red: Phil Christiana, returning Hurricane coach

14U White: Brionna Myers, former Hurricane player, current assistant coach

16U: Peter Griem, assisted by Ashley Bezemes, returning Hurricane coach, former Hurricane player

Gold National: Dennis Bruce, returning Hurricane coach

*We will be adding teams/coaches before next week.