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Tourney of Terror

Hurricanes Tourney of Terror




One-day Round Robin Tourney 



Tournament Rules

USA with the following modifications:

1.  Mercy rules: 15, 12, and 10 after 3, 4, and 5 innings.

2.  Drop dead time at after 80 minutes. If home team is ahead, score is final. If home team did not get final ups, score reverts back to previous completed inning  

3. Time limit procedure: once the last out is made in an inning, the new inning starts at that time.

4. Double coin flip before each game.

5. Continuous batting order in pool play IS a USA rule and is available to any team choosing to use it.

Seeding Criteria

1.  Pool play record

2.  Head-to-Head

3.  Fewest runs allowed

4.  Run differential

Schedule: 10/30/2021

10/30/2021 Field 1 Field 2
8:45am Lightning L-2 vs. Hurricanes MAC W-18 Redmen L-2 vs. Diamond Gems W-14
10:15am Diamond Gems L-1 vs. Hurricanes MAC W-11 Hurricanes Meuse W-17 vs. Redmen L-3
11:45am Redmen L-1 vs. Hurricanes MAC W-14 Lightning W-16 vs. Hurricanes Meuse L-1
1:15pm Hurricanes Meuse L-1 vs. Hurricanes MAC W-18 Lightning W-9 vs. Diamond Gems L-1

Diamond Gems 1-2 3
Redmen 0-3 5
Lightning 2-1 2
Hurricanes MAC 4-0 1
Hurricanes Meuse 1-2 4

*Hurricanes MAC will be playing a 4th game to accommodate 5 teams and may throw away a game*

Location of Games


11 Benton Road Hooksett, NH

FIELD 1: closest to door

FIELD 2: back field 


Teams may arrive by 7:50am for warmups for the first and second scheduled games. Warmups will end by 8:40am. The furthest part of the outfield (out of play) will be utilized for warmups as well but may not interrupt gameplay.  

Teams are required to bring bow-nets to warm up hitting into.